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A Message From Dianne 
21st-Mar-2010 11:38 pm
I thought I'd copy&paste this message from Dianne in case you haven't read it over at Dianne-Pilkington.net yet.

Hi everyone, Dianne here! I just wanted to say a huge thankyou to everyone for being so incredibly supportive over the last nearly 3 years! I'm about to enter my final week /eek!/ of wicked and I'm feeling really sad to leave it all behind. It truly has been a life changing show for me, I have made so many great friends and I'm so grateful! I'd like to say a special thankyou to lucie and Michelle for the amazing website, and to everyone who writes and lets me into their world! I promise although I'm slow I will always reply!
I also promise the album is coming, it has to be done before I get married he he. We are working on it but obviously with the 39 steps I'm now busy again! Chris Hamilton is my MD and my fiancee Claude is recording it.
So guys, take good care and I hope to see you at the 39 steps! Much love and appreciation to you all x x Dianne

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